Studio City Luxury Homes

Studio City is a historic neighborhood within the San Fernando Valley. Known for the many studio filming locations since the 1920’s, in 1927 The Lankershim Press broke news that there would be a $20 million dollar construction for a film center they would then call Studio City.

Only 12 miles northwest of the Los Angeles Civic Center, Studio City is nestled in the foothills of the northern side of the Santa Monica mountains, a prime location for easy access for those employed in Hollywood, Downtown, and Beverly Hills. The Ventura Freeway from Los Angeles and the San Diego Freeway from the coast gives easy access to all of Southern California. Studio City is centrally located for those living, working or relaxing in Southern California.

Studio City is serviced by some of the most desired schools in the Los Angeles Unified School district. It is known for its charming historic neighborhoods like Colfax Meadows and for its ultra-exclusive communities. Celebrities estates dot the hillsides around Fryman Canyon, a popular recreation area. Adjacent to the Hollywood Hills, Studio City draws a popular Hollywood crowd who enjoy the trendy restaurants and boutiques along Ventura Blvd.

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