Three Reasons Calabasas Real Estate Will Outperform

Calabasas is a wonderful place to call home and there are almost too many reasons to list.  Real estate is a good investment in general but choosing the areas which will outperform is often difficult.  Up and coming areas often attract a lot of attention for low prices that show the potential to turn higher as redevelopment occurs and neighborhoods transform.   The main attraction is upside potential and low entry price.  West Hills has several areas that could be real up and comers with the development of Warner Center.  The other areas that attract the most from investors are the proven trophy locations.  Think of Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades or billionaire beach in Malibu.  (actually any section of Malibu will do)    These top tier locations barely go down in underperforming markets and are untouchable in strong markets.  They also seem to pull further and further ahead of the competition over time.  The highest end areas benefit from things like general proximity breathtaking scenery, the best employment, shopping world leading cultural centers.   The three things Calabasas real estate has in its favor is location, location and location.  I mean that literally as there are three things the Calabasas area offers which may make it one of the best investments of all.

 Calabasas is in close proximity to many things that make the real estate very attractive.  If you are interested in living in the Valley for proximity to work, school or other commuting reasons, Calabasas is the closest city (first exit) that is outside LA city limits.  This means Calabasas is valley close while still benefiting from upgraded services, programs and schools that can be enjoyed outside the larger LA system.  For commuting purposes Calabasas is also an excellent place to live for homeowners who work in Santa Monica or beach towns while still offering much more attractive pricing.   As Westlake Village, Agoura and Camarillo expand Calabasas is yet again an easy commute to these work centers while remaining LA close.  Being close to work and town does not mean small lots and crowded streets either.  Calabasas offers serene beauty and privacy while still remaining close to everything.

 Real estate in Calabasas is beautiful and the development is minimal.   Located in the Santa Monica mountains, Calabasas enjoys the benefit of breathtaking mountains, open spaces and beautiful landscapes that are on par with Malibu and Topanga.  The city bylaws are extremely restrictive on development and keeping green space, protected land and development to a minimum is top priority.  If you want a property in Calabasas with open space and privacy there is little concern that any future development will take that away.  The city is also relatively small and there is limited space left.  This will make real estate more and more valuable as the surrounding areas grow.

 Areas around Calabasas are growing rapidly.  The east valley areas of Studio City and Sherman Oaks are so built out that families are moving to the west valley in droves.  Woodland Hills growing wildly as valley buyers seek more for their money.  Development in Woodland Hills is rampant as Warner Center explodes with new housing units, retail and commercial space.  There are still close to 20 years left in the Warner Center general development plan which will make this Woodland Hills an substantial hub in the greater Los Angeles area.  Calabasas is almost within walking distance of this mega development while remaining an anti-development city.  Over time Calabasas will become a haven of tranquility surrounded by a massive economic engine.

 Calabasas has already gained some attention for being a celebrity getaway.  As the surrounding areas develop and Calabasas real estate remains suburban and rural the demand for this location will only increase.  While Calabasas is already far more of a trophy location than an up and coming area it still has much more up and coming to do.  As the valley expands and LA cities grow further and further Calabasas just may become grow to become a world desired luxury location.  Regardless of anything I know one thing for sure.  Calabasas real estate is on the rise and the day will come when you say “I should have bought in Calabasas back then”.

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