Aaron Scott

Aaron Scott

Aaron Scott is a top producing agent at Rodeo Realty who has completed nearly 100 transactions per year. Aaron is an area leader in traditional home sales who also has extensive experience with new construction properties, and investment properties. Aaron’s high sales volume allows him to stay on top of industry trends and also refine his analytical skills in the marketplace. Aaron’s focus on marketing is both a professional and personal passion. He enjoys following, studying and implementing the latest marketing techniques and technology. Aaron’s sales and administrative team cover a variety of specialties and are fluent in several languages.  Rodeo Realty is the leading real estate firm in the San Fernando Valley by volume and Aaron is consistently one of their top sellers.


Aaron Scott studied business at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. By his early twenties he had established an impressive track record for success with one of the world’s largest entertainment companies, Universal Music Group.  He worked in New York, Boston and finally Los Angeles as a senior executive. To succeed in Los Angeles, the pinnacle of competition in the entertainment industry, Aaron refined his formula for business:  Exceed all expectations, no matter how demanding, without exception.

Aaron’s foray into Real Estate began with an in-depth real estate education at UCLA, and is continually supported with training at numerous industry seminars and workshops.  Aaron’s extensive education and professional experience cover the areas of finance, appraisals, investments, commercial property analysis, land economics and real estate law.

Aaron approaches every real estate transaction as though he has been hired to run your business. He believes the success of that business demands more than exceptional sales. It requires painstaking attention to budget, marketing and advertising, the anticipation of potential pitfalls and opportunities, as well as flawless execution and follow through to ultimately maximize profits. These, he believes, are the prerequisites of any successful business, and buying or selling a property is no different.

“When you report to a President or CEO they have heightened expectations. I presume my clients possess the same high demands. If they don’t, I encourage them to expect more.”

Aaron currently resides in Calabasas.