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    We have been helping our friends and neighbors sell their homes and invest in real estate for nearly 10 years. We service some of the finest locations in the San Fernando Valley including Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Encino, Studio City, and Sherman Oaks, Are you looking for Schools in the Las Virgenes School District? From Greater Mulwood to Bell Canyon we are at home in this community and happy to share our knowledge. Walnut acres in Woodland Hills offers tremendous value and the award winning El Camino High School. Encino, Studio City and Sherman Oaks offer some of the most exclusive communities in the valley and convenience for Westside and downtown commuters. Whether you are buying your first condominium in Studio City, looking for more space in Woodland Hills, or selling your estate in Calabasas we are here to help. From small budget purchases to record setting sales, we have enjoyed working with a wide selection of clients and strive to offer an enjoyable experience for everyone.

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  • LATEST BLOG 10.21.2018 How Does Proposition 10 Impact Real Estate in Calabasas and Woodland Hills
    Proposition 10 is one of the most highly contested ballot measures this fall.   Where you live may determine how it affects you.  The impact of Prop 10 may be different in Calabasas than it is in Woodland Hills or other towns that fall under L.A. city ruling.  Real estate owners should be especially aware of the proposition, however it will impact renters greatly as well.  There are two very different interpretations of how this Proportion will impact housing.  Generally one side consists of real estate professionals and landlords and the other side consists of concerned tenants & those who are fed up with the high cost of housing.  Seems pretty simple right?  Evil landlords v.s. honest working folks.  (obviously I’m kidding)  That is how it is painted in some media outlets and I thought I would share my opinion and real estate knowledge without automatically jumping to the Real Estate Professional & Landlord Side of the argument.  It is also important to reiterate that the impact will be different depending on where you live.  Woodland Hills v.s. Calabasas for example.

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